Dogs for Adoption


Our handsome hound Monty is nearly ready for adoption.
His carer has done a great write up on him so will put that on here.

We’re fostering Monty and tracking his journey in more detail here: (public link so you don’t need an Instagram account to view).

Monty’s a sweet-natured, bright and snuggly boy.

He had a terrible start in life and was in such a bad state when found as a stray, underweight with underdeveloped back legs from being kept in a confined space for long periods of time, and scaly spots/sores over his body.

But he’s come so far in such a short space of time. You’d barely notice his weaker back legs now, except for when he tries to climb stairs first thing after a nap – a bit Bambi on ice! And despite his life before rescue, Monty really loves people – always keen for a head scratch from anyone he meets on walks, in shops, visitors to our house etc.

He’s picked up house rules and commands quickly, as well as just adapting to our routines, so we’ve found him to be highly trainable and eager to learn. But he’s also a real clown, and sometimes dramatically ‘faints’ on the sofa after evening zoomies.

As a lurcher of around a year old, he has some classic young sighthound tendencies:
– Short bursts of energy followed by long naps (he loves dozing in sunny spots in the strangest positions or cuddled into your side/lap/armpit)
– Prey drive and desire to chase small furries – he walks really well on the lead but will pull if he sees a squirrel. So Monty wouldn’t suit a home with cats or very small dogs/toy breeds
– Loves to play fight and mouth our Labrador but is getting the hang of ‘time out’

He could live with a larger dog (who could hold their own in play fights) or by himself as long as he gets plenty of human company. We’re working on building up his tolerance with being left alone, which will definitely need to be ongoing as he feels safer around people.

We think he’d suit a loving home with an individual or family who are in a position to give him lots of companionship, cuddles and to continue his training and confidence building. He really is a gem.