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Leash of Life has been established since 2013.

We are comprised of a group of dedicated volunteers who simply do it for the love of the dogs.

The vast majority of our dogs are rescued from the streets and shelters of Romania where they suffer unimaginable hardship, neglect and cruelty.

We also wherever possible help to rehome locally based English dogs.

We have a small team of mainly Wiltshire based volunteer foster carers who start new arrivals on their way to a better life by taking them in to their homes, teaching them ground rules, house training, how to walk on a lead etc and assess them for the type of home they are suited to.



Foster carers are the lifeblood of our organisation. Without our foster carers many of our dogs would never have had a chance to leave the shelter.

Fostering a dog can be a very rewarding, heart warming experience but does require commitment, empathy and understanding.

Most of our dogs have never lived in a home or been walked on a lead. To begin with everything can be completely overwhelming for them.
Foster carers get them used to home life, teach them house rules, toilet train and lead train them. Most importantly they help them build a bond with people and teach them how to trust.

To foster you need to live within about an hour of our base in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, have a very secure garden and be home all day.

In most cases we cannot place new arrivals with children under 12. We cannot usually cat test dogs, but most of our dogs get on well with other dogs and it greatly benefits them to be in foster with a resident dog.

We are always here to support and advise you. All necessary vet fees are covered by us and food etc can be supplied if required.

Make a donation or help with fundraising

Our adoption fee just about covers the preparation and transport fee for each dog. We have many more expenses, with vet fees alone averaging £1,500 per month.

To help with these costs we regularly have online auctions and host jumble sales etc.

Please support us or hold your own fundraiser.

To donate payments can be made by:

PayPal to: leashoflife750@gmail.com; or

by Bank Transfer to: Leash of Life | 30-98-90 | 17442668

If you have any questions about adopting a dog with Leash of Life or can support our cause, please do get in touch today.

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