Dogs for Adoption


Our beautiful girl Holly came out of the pound about 6 weeks ago and is now ready to look for her forever home
Whatever idiot it was who previously owned her cut her ears to create ‘a look’ but she is a lovely friendly dog and not at all fierce.
Holly is around 4 years old and we will give you the fosters words on her.

Holly has been such a lovely girl to Foster very affectionate, house trained, can be left. She walks best on a harness as is a strong dog however if walked regularly will walk nicely beside you. Holly can’t be around any small furry animals rabbits, guinea pigs. She also is very interested in birds and cats. Although she has shown no aggression towards other dogs she would need to be an only dog family and with 16+ household. Holly doesn’t bark and really will be an amazing companion for someone she is extremely loyal and obedient. She also has recall, likes to play fetch and enjoys a nice pigs ear or bone to chew on.

She is currently living in Cheltenham, think most things have been covered in the post but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there’s more you need to know.