Dogs for Adoption


Bailey is in search of his forever home. His foster carer is unable to keep him past May so we need to find him his match.
He is best in a one person home where there is no competition for attention.
Once he knows and trusts you he is a fabulous boy
But he does need a dog experienced, dog confident person who will listen to him and not put him in situations he cannot cope with.
He cannot be placed with children and although he loves other dogs outside the home he doesn’t like sharing his home and people with them so needs to be the only dog.
Below is his carers write up.

“After an unsuitable adoption attempt last October (and through absolutely no fault of his own), Bailey came back to me in foster care after two days. I continued where I left off with love, patience and training at his pace and he is now a much happier, calmer and contented character than the one I picked up in May 2023. He is an incredibly fast learner, and very intelligent and agile. He now struts along happily in his harness and lead, and he absolutely loves playing with other dogs off the lead. He has learned commands such as heel, here, down and wait, and I am very confident that he will be good in more open areas off the lead when allowed. He loves his 2-3 mile walks/jogs every day, and is even starting to walk through puddles (he is a very clean and fastidious dog 🤣 ).

Bailey is a very loving boy – he absolutely loves cuddles and tummy tickles once he has been given the time and space that he needs to trust his new human(s). He thrives on and needs daily exercise and play. He is now great with walkers/dog walkers/runners/cyclists on walks – the only thing he reacts negatively to is motorbikes. He is also learning to accept people in the home, but we are working on this very slowly and this will need to continue. He can also be left for a few hours and is very relaxed on my return.

Bailey is 3 years old now, and a very different dog to the scared and reactive youngster of a few months ago that I couldn’t even pat. He really has had a tricky start in life, but he is now ready to be adopted again and enjoy an active and happy life with an experienced single person or couple who both understand and can brush off the odd boisterous/grumpy reaction. If I could, I would honestly adopt him in a heartbeat – he brings me so much joy. But I am not able to keep him after 2024 due to my circumstances 😭

Please, please help find Bailey a forever home in 2024 🙏🏼 You will be rewarded with an intelligent, loyal and absolutely gorgeous character 🐾🥰

PS, no cats – he thinks they are big squirrels 😅😬”